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For Wuffy and the Magic Lintball

A little, stuffed , gray dog sits on the shelves of a candy store and waits, every day, for someone to buy him. Finally, one day, a kind man takes him home to cheer up his daughter, who is sick. The girl and her brother immediately name him Wuffy. Noticing the tiny lint ball on his nose, the two dream up adventures that Wuffy takes with his friends Bunn and Fly because of the powers of his magic lint ball.

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For Fred Is Family

Fred is an Autism Service Dog who is an important member of the family. Whether he is keeping Molly calm on road trips or watching over her as she plays on the playground, he makes life fun and reassures everyone that he is around. You’ll fall in love with his antics as he tells his story from his point of view, from puppyhood all the way to his forever family.

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Personalized Gifts

Need a care package for someone who could use a morale boost?

Contact us, complete the request form, and we’ll create a curated gift box for that special person. Someone undergoing medical treatment or getting ready to go off to camp? Could someone use a good surprise made just for them? Packages can include: books, stuffed animals, photo puzzles as well as blank puzzles, age-appropriate toys and games, crafts, and comfort items, such as cozy slippers, spa items, and self-care items on request. Pricing will be determined based on contents, preparation time, and shipping costs.

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