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Books With Unique Subjects (Coming soon...)

Unpack Your Own Happy brings positive and hope-filled tales to our readers. From stories that encourage children to create their own stories, ones that spur their imagination, to characters that mirror their own feelings and that reassure them, our books strive to motivate readers to feel confident in trying new things and in persisting through challenges. Topics include Autism Support dogs and the positive impact these animals have on the families of those with unique needs, children growing up with normal fears and worries about friends, family, and daily situations at school and at home, friendship and what that looks like through a child’s eyes, times when children feel misunderstood or want their voice to be heard above all the cacophony of the adult world they live in, and our connection to nature and the world around us.

Personalized Gifts (Coming soon...)

In addition to books, we offer gift sets that include stuffed friends (more will be rolling out soon), individual stuffed animals and accessories, and personalized shipments for those wishing to send someone a special surprise that would be tailored to the recipient, whether they be undergoing surgery, medical treatments, starting sleep-away camp, or dealing with any situation that calls for added love and attention. You will be astounded by how we can help you touch someone special with customized care packages made just for them.


Helen Rogosin is available for Zoom calls, Meet and Greet Events, Book Fairs, school visits, and book signings. For more information please contact us here or request to book an appearance here. We will get back to you as soon as possible to set up dates and times. Thank you. We look forward to meeting with your young readers!