About The Author: Helen Rogosin

Helen Rogosin is an educator, writer, artist, and avid reader. As a recipient of the prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in 2012, representing New York State in Science, she knows first-hand the importance of engaging children from an early age in reading, in conversations, dramatic play, and hands-on learning.

Having worked with students that included those with special needs, the gifted and talented, and general education students, Helen brings a wide range of skills and experience to the production of classically-illustrated ( not AI-generated) children’s books with characters that young children easily relate to.

Helen graduated from Brooklyn College with a master’s degree in education and a minor in Art. During the pandemic, she taught remotely and kept students engaged with a puppet that her class accepted as a classmate, helping them to deal with social emotional issues.

From an early age, Helen and her older brother, Jack, entertained themselves with books and characters they made up together. It is this that drives her interest in stuffed characters. Helen remains inspired by both her creative brother and by the inner strength of her older sister, Frymeta, who has Multiple Sclerosis.

Experiencing the struggles of disabled persons through the struggles of siblings of children with special needs, as well as her sister has helped guide Helen to bring awareness to challenges faced by differently abled people through her writing.

Helen Rogosin