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Unpack Your Own Happy is ready to provide you and your loved ones and friends with engaging books (non-AI) that are beautifully-written and illustrated by Helen Rogosin, teacher and artist who creates stories to share and reshare. With story lines that intrigue both pre-readers and readers of all ages through captivating narratives and handcrafted drawings, you will be drawn to the characters and their adventures and want to read more about them together.

Topics such as friendship, kindness, being optimistic, using one’s strengths (and weaknesses) to grow as an individual will inspire you to be creative, positive, and a bit nostalgic.

Books feature animals and stuffed toy friends that pave the way for young people to feel more self-confident and happier, no matter what situations they may face. Many of our stories are based on Helen Rogosin’s experiences as a child, as well as those of friends. At Unpack Your Own Happy, we understand that family is important, and so is friendship, as well as all the ways both support us throughout our lives.

How do we bring happiness your way?

Books With Unique Subjects (Coming soon...)

Have you ever enjoyed a book so much as a child that you still remember it fondly now? Our beautifully-written and illustrated stories include themes such as friendship, family, and perserverance.

Personalized Gifts
(Coming soon...)

Looking for a gift that speaks to the recipient from the heart-one that shows you know that person well and care about them? Explore our special personalized gift boxes.


Is your child’s school or organization looking for a talented author to read one of her books to students, with opportunities to meet the author and get a signed copy of her books? Want to celebrate books with great children’s literature?

Our mission

Unpack Your Own Happy is predicated on the idea of individual autonomy and forward-thinking. The company’s goal is to help steer readers to enjoy the good things in life and to make difficult times not only manageable, but useful stepping stones to a brighter future. These are opportunities to refocus, to reframe one’s thinking and, ultimately, to create your own happiness.

Begun as a seed idea that originated in the founder’s career as a teacher and enhanced by her experience as a creative, the company reaches out to a mostly- unserved niche of readers: early readers and siblings of children with special needs. Made for children and families, carefully crafted books and items guide parents as they navigate balancing children with different needs to feel whole.

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